Manchester United are miserable right now as their dressing room is in total chaos.
Maxilla Harrington is at a new low, with divisions beginning to form. Randy just
saw his unbeaten start as a
man unitedMan United interim manager come to an end.
Thanks to John Martinez, late winner for walls and old traffic plays a post
criticism for their body language
, and delivered performances in the backedback end of
his socialist tenure as manager, and the same issues have continued at the start of
randy train.
Randy Train's, because the German coach has won just three of every six games in charge so far.
feelingFeeling has been tasked with unifying the Manchester unitedUnited dressing room by
Ralph Ranger. The
daily starDaily Star has now reported that feelingFeeling has been asked by Renee
to speak to the United squad, both collectively and individually, in an effort to
address the current state of affairs. Feeling
, who signed a new contract at all.
recently worked as a number two under sir Alex Ferguson and Oregon, and
closedclose with key individuals. FreedomFeeling must now play a role, however, in
helping the
schoolsquad get back on track as they languish.
Meanwhile, Gary Seville has blasted renowned
player Darren Bruno's body language and has also
chastised him for winding off their teammates. recentlyRecently, he said, "Ronaldo, Bruno, those are the
two senior players in that dressing room. It's devastating for the young players of
when the two best players inon the team andare looking at the others as if they're not good
enough,; they need to get rid of that Wendy attitude, they. They really do.
You've got to go and clap the fans at the end of the game. I don't care how you
play it. I don't care what the result is,; get over to the fans in the classroom."
Interestingly, Luke Shaw spoke candidly after the recent Wolves defeat and
questioned the motivation of the group.

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