Professional Emails Facilitate Success In Business

Spelling and punctuation mistakes are made, seen and forgiven daily. In a simple email communicating, "I'll be late for dinner," grammar and spelling mistakes are not critical. However, when the objective is to professionally persuade a company or individual to sign a purchase order or grant a job interview, these fine details have a major impact on the intended outcome. It is nearly impossible to be successful in business while having poor language skills, especially in today's most common means of communication, email. English speaking customers want to read proper English. It's inevitable.

So, what if you are not a native English speaker? In the long run, you should (and can!) improve your foreign language skills. In the short term, you have two options: either have someone write your emails, or alternatively, have someone proofread your emails.

What is proofreading?

Proofreading is examining a text carefully to find and correct mistakes in typography, grammar, style, and spelling.

Should I use a proofreading software?

Regardless how advanced, no software can catch all errors. Software is prone to error in words with the same pronunciation, but different spelling. Software does not have the capability to understand and reword colloquialisms. The only REAL solution to proofreading is to have a REAL person proofread your text.

Proofreading tips:

1. Have others read it by using online services.
2. Read it out loud.
3. Proofread a printed version of the text.
4. Read the text backwards.

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