Dear Loay,

Hope my email finds you well.

Firstly, let me thank you and the
CAERCARE team for your hard work in finalizing NUPOCNUPCO issues and coding.

It was great news yesterday that the initial award was released on the NUPCO website, and we are in
steps way ofstep for the final award.

KSA region will be our keystone in the 2024 plan.

So, I am glad to inform you and Sultan that I will be residing in the KSA region next year, as this will improve our productivity with the CARE team and expand accounts adoption in the KSA market.

Kindly note that the employment contract draft I obtained from Yara (CARE-HR) will be ready at the beginning of next week.

So please let me know how we can start this mission and if there are any documents required from our side.

Many thanks and best regards,

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