Dear Sir,
I hope you are doing well
Namename is Umair Jalil #1097855. i amI have been working as aan Acting Patrolling Supervisor fromfor the last 10 months and until now iI am still an Acting PSV. asAs per Mr Fawaz, ex Snr OperationOperations Manager, he promised usthat if iI completed 6th monthsa 6-month probation period he willwould give his approval for Changing accomodationchanging accommodation from labour to staff accommodation, a salary increment, and change my designation to Patrolling Supervisor. but stillHowever, after 10 months iI am still working on a bonus salary and there is a serious issue about Room wethe room. We are 12 people in One Room1 room from Three3 different Nationalities and from Threenationalities, 3 different companies, and with different duties timingduty times, which means we can't sleep very well and it's totoo hard to drivedrive the whole night without proper rest.

Thanks and best
Umair Jalil (Acting PSV)

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