We are ready to move in and would prefer to complete the work ourselves and hand in the receipts for credit towards rent.

Ms. Valerie on Monday, February 6, 2023, could you have the locks changed and we will find someone to complete the work to the standard of which we have both agreed
upon. Once the work is complete, weupon? We will assume the property once the work is complete and have the rent prorated from that date.

We believe this is an appropriate course of action. We have been told multiple times that the property would be ready on a date (January, February 1, and February 3) and have seen subpar standards. We were told to meet on Saturday, February 3, to do a final walk through. Against our better
judgementjudgment we agreed because we are excited to move in. We went by more than once and no one was there to meet up and no one was working on the office. You can understand our frustration, for multiple times we have been accommodating and understanding, yet our expectations have been let down by the property owner.

We hope this can be resolved this week and that this is an acceptable solution. There is a high anticipation for us opening this business here in Pearland and we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership from this point forward.

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