Dear Ankur,
I have resigned from my
designationpost as Business Development Manager at Pristyn care. This mail is regarding the acknowledgment of the promises made by Pristyn care. AsSince I have worked in January month and my resignation date is the 30th of January. So, I will be eligible forto receive my Januarysalary for the month salaryof January + 30 days of the notice period. asAs of now, my salary is on hold because ofI have not submission ofyet submitted my assets. I will submit my assets to the IT department Asas soon as possible. after the submission of assetsAfter that, please release my salary within 2-3 Days. and after that, please processdays, then kindly proceed with the Exitexiting process accordingly.

Best Regards
Garvit Kumar
Business Development Manager
Employee Id-ID PC2843

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