Dear teamTeam,

a Preferred Customer, I am very shamefuldisappointed to have to write a mail being a preferred customersend this email because I don't getam not getting any service from your team. I have more than 3 policies and I am a genuine customer toof your bank.

Past one
For the last month I werehave been trying to apply for a new car loan, yet there is no one to servehelp me. As I have called more than 100 times toon the number withthat is mentioned in preferred managerthe Preferred Account, but with no response..

, I applied through online with out any guidance. and the emiThe EMI is yet to start, but my car is havinghas a waiting period it might reachwhich means that by Feb 1st week I might be the first person who will pay emiEMI before my car delivery
has been delivered.

Now a day hdfc bankSo now, because HDFC’s banking services are going worstgetting worse - like a government Bankbank, I plannedam planning to close my account and planning to switch to some other bestbetter service provider..

During theIn this competitive world, car loan lead isleads play a major role. even youAs your people wereare not concentrate onfocused on this, then does it means is hdfcmean HDFC bank fallsmay be falling sick ? I have been patiencepatient for the past one month. Being a genuine customer for the processand because of the online process, I lost bargaining ofthe opportunity to bargain over the processing fee and rate of interest. I am looking for your favourable support to do something on it..about this.

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