As we look into other stories, we seem to see that Utnapishtim is more similar to the bibleBible's version of the flood. Utnapishtim had become immortal after building a ship that he went on during a flood. In the story Utnapishtim we see that a Godgod tells Gilgamesh about the flood. In the beginning, the gods were furious at mankind, and thus they had sent a flood to kill the humans., which is Thethe reason why the Mesopotamian gods “diminished the people” in Gilgamesh (George), but elsewhere it appears that the humans made too much noise and disrupted the sleep of the primary deity, Enlil. The deities had then sworn to each other to create a flood in secret, but Ea, the god of wisdom, had informed Utnapishtim about the plan and instructed him to build a boat in order to escape and survive the flood. Ea said, “Demolish the house, and build a boat!
Abandon wealth, and seek survival! Spurn property, save life!” (George). Ea had requested that Utnapishtim to bring with him animals during his journey of survival. Utnapishtim had then agreed and loaded the boat with his family, riches, and animals of every species. He had brought all his relatives, as well as all species of creatures on the vessel. A storm iswas then brought upon the world “and the gods brought rain, which caused the water to rise for many days” (The Sumerian Flood Myth: Epic of Gilgamesh).

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