I am reaching out to you all because I have a huge favor to ask. Throughout my time attending Oak Park and River Forest High School, each of you has helped shape me into the amazing young lady I am today. Allowing, allowing me to succeed in and outside the classroom. I am currently stuck in hardship right now. As many of you all know, I decided to graduate a semester early. During my time last semester, I finished taking all of my graduation requirements. While doing so I enrolled at Western University and was a full-time student there, while being a part-time student here. I am currently enrolled in Alabama A&M University and have recently moved into my dorm. I am majoring in Pre-med Biology. With that being said, I usually would have spoken to you all in person about writing me a recommendation. I have quickly learned that college is not cheap. With that being said, I am technically a senior in high school as well. As the OPRHS Scholarships Foundation has recently opened up., I would appreciate it if you all could write me a recommendation. As theThe application does closecloses on January 28, 2022, at 3:30 pm. It would help me out, as my college tuition is about 15$15,000 without financial aid. I know each of you has a busy schedule and teaches many students. So if you could get back to me in a timely matteras soon as you have a moment it would be greatly appreciated.

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