In this paper, you will review the facts in regards to why the number of sexual assaults continue to rise. I write this paper to show how often this actually occurs. Showing that there is a growing concern within our ranks and many ways to stop or report it. As we go deeper into this rabbit hole you will understand how your decision affects the situation. All soldiers are entitled to outstanding leadership, as a brand new SGT (E-5) providing that leadership starts with you.
In 2005
, the Army introduced the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR). In 2008 that program essentially became what we know today as The Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention Program (SHARP). The program was reconstructed due to fear of sexual harassment being a potential precursor to sexual assault. Most incidents of sexual harassment/ assault continue to go unreported with multiple reporting options available.
It is estimated that 26,000 service members experienced sexual assault in 2012 to 14,000 estimated in 2016.
The number of actual reports are 2,828 in 2012 and 6,236 reported in 2019. The military is currently working on different ways to address the issue at hand.
By providing more training and tools to the junior leadership ranks the Army hopes it will make a difference.
Sexual assault reports come mostly from female service members 17 to 24 years old and junior enlisted women. With the information being passed on by junior leadership ranks. The military is hoping for soldiers to gain more knowledge on sexual assault.
Former acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan made it his goal to establish a separate punitive article for sexual harassment.
After completing a separate goal of establishing the Catch a Serial Offender program 239 reports were submitted with 5 matches. The program allows survivors who make a restricted report to anonymously submit information to help identify repeat sexual offenders.

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