So I have not taken a TerroismTerrorism class in the semesters prior. I have found many different things interesting in chapter 1. One thing I found interesting was how 9/11 had changed the world inout of fear of terroismterrorism. I guess I never realized all the different precautions that are now taken due to the 9/11 attack. I know it was a huge change in the world, but did not realize all that had to be increased for security purposes due to this. Another thing I found interesting was the different definitions that go along with terroismterrorism. I just kind of always grouped them together as one and viewed them as one under terroismterrorism. Like the definition of fear and terror are similar according to the definitions. I always considered terror to be worse than fear. One quote I found interesting was, “said if we’d lost the war, we’d all be prosecuted as war criminals.” (Forst, 2008). Because it's a statement I don't think that could be taken in many different contexts, as everyone could view the quote in a different way with a different opinion. To me, it's prosecuted as to what is going to come after the loss of the war as it won't be good, but when I ask another person they say it's the punishment from the government for not winning. It all depends on how the quote is viewed. There were many different things that could be taken away from chapter 1 if you've never taken a terroismterrorism class.

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